Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2
Tf2 standalonebox.jpgTeam Fortress 2 Artwork
Distributor(s)Steam / Electronic Arts
Release date(s)October 10, 2007
Genre(s)First-person Shooter
Available onPC, Xbox 360, PS3


[edit] Background Information

Team Fortress 2 is the long awaited sequel to Team Fortress Classic. It was initially released with The Orange Box, which was referred to as "The best deal in videogame history," by Team Fortress 2 is a class-based multiplayer game. One of the most unique parts about this game, is the cartoonish look that Valve gave it.

[edit] Character Classes

Team Fortress 2 features 9 unique classes. Each class has their own weapons and abilities unique to themselves. Valve is in the process of adding unlockable weapons for each class after earning a set number of achievements. As of July 8, 2010, all nine classes got an update, the Engineer being the last one to receive his unlocks.

[edit] Offensive Classes

[edit] Scout

The scout is the fastest class in the game. It is the only class that has the ability to double jump, allowing it to reach places much quicker than other classes. It's quick speed and agility make it a difficult class to track when fighting.

HP: 125 HP (with Sandman equipped): 110 HP (Polycount set complete): 150

[edit] Primary Weapons

  • Scatter Gun (Initial) It fires in bursts, and does massive damage when up close. It does minimal damage from far away.
  • Force-a-Nature (Unlockable, Craft, Drop, Uncrate) This double-barreled gun is containing two bullets but isn't firing both at the same time. The FaN, as it's called, is useful for pushing back enemies or for trying to access higher places, with a sort of triple jump or double-jump if you're equiped the Sandman. It can do great damage.
  • Shortstop (Purchase, Drop, Craft, Uncrate - Polycount) A new addition to the Scout's Weapons. It has a smaller clip size (by 2) than the Scatter Gun but, it slows down when it hit's an enemy. The firing speed is faster than the Scatter Gun, yet slower than the Force-a-Nature. You cannot perform a triple jump with the Shortstop, it can perform a high amount of damage due to the slow down effect on the enemy that was hit.

[edit] Secondary Weapons

  • Pistol (Initial) The pistol does small damage but is very accurate from far distances.
  • Lugermorph (Sam & Max Purchase) A reskin of the pistol with the exact same stats. Only obtained by the purchase of Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse within the first week of its release.
  • Bonk! Atomic Punch (Purchase, Unlockable, Craft, Drop, Uncrate) This energy drink is making you invulnerable for some seconds but you can't fire while being under effects. Also, this is making you play in a third-person perspective. And beware of the slow-down post-effects, you'll be nearly walking, making you a prey for the others. Note that the energy drink doesn't have a proper taunt move.
  • Crit-a-Cola (Purchase, Drop, Craft, Uncrate) Gives the user minicrits and turns any damage taken into minicrits.
  • Mad Milk (Purchase, Drop, Craft - Polycount) Despite the name, Mad Milk is made from a "non-milk substance". It works exactly like Jarate, instead of mini-crits, you recover health every time you do damage on the enemy that is affected by the Mad Milk. You can still see Cloaked Spies when the Mad Milk has hit the Spy and you can extinguish the after burn from Pyros just like Jarate.

[edit] Melee Weapons

  • Baseball Bat (Initial) It does small damage but fires very rapidly.
  • Sandman (Purchase, Craft, Drop, Uncrate) Melee weapon. The Sandman can send a baseball in order to stun enemies, even ubered. The further you are, the more the stun will last. Also, a critical hit is lasting some seconds more than a normal one. While equiped with Sandman, health is dropped to 95. The downside to this weapon used to be that you could no longer double jump, but Valve recently changed it to allow you to double jump with it, but instead your health is lowered.
  • Holy Mackerel (Purchase, Drop, Craft) When you hit an enemy with the Holy Mackerel, the kill icon showing "x1" or a higher number, in some Team Fortress 2 servers they will still count each hit as a kill combo. If you kill someone with the fish the number will be replaced with two words saying "FISH KILL!". Many players use this melee weapon in Arena due to the fact that since each hit is considered a "kill" you will be rewarded with the First Blood critical hit reward.
  • Candy Cane (Purchase, Craft, Drop, Uncrate) One of the many Christmas themed items in TF2, the Candy Cane, strangely does not have a "broken" model like the Bottle has. After every kill it will drop Pills to restore your health, however you are 35% less resistant to explosion damage.
  • Boston Basher (Purchase, Craft, Drop, Uncrate) One of the many Second Set of Polycount community submitted items the Boston Basher on hit effect is similar to the Tribelman's Shiv only, the bleeding effect lasts for 5 seconds instead of 6 seconds. The only negative effect is that if you miss your target or hit nothing you end up hitting yourself.


  • Bonk! The Scout points to the sky like Babe Ruth in his famous called shot and slams anyone within reach with his bat.

[edit] Soldier

The soldier is the second slowest class in the game. It has the unique ability to rocket jump to places no other class except Demoman can reach. The Soldier is the easiest class to learn the game with, which is why it is one of the most played classes.

HP: 200, 100 with the Rocket Jumper equipped.

[edit] Primary Weapons

  • Rocket Launcher (Initial) This is the soldier's main weapon. It shoots rockets which are effective at both long and short range. Critical rockets have the ability to OHKO most classes in the game. The rocket is also used for rocket jumping.
  • Direct Hit (Unlockable) The soldier's second primary weapon which deals more damage in a smaller splash damage radius.
  • Black Box (Purchase, Drop, Craft - Polycount) This is the soldier's third primary weapon, it has a smaller clip but recovers +15 Health every time you hit someone. The splash damage is like the regular rocket launcher which some player find it over powered.
  • Rocket Jumper (Purchase Only) It's not used for combat or fighting. It's mostly used for practicing Rocket Jumping. It has a much higher supply of ammo, it does not do damage when it hits someone or yourself. However it decreases your max health by 100.

[edit] Secondary Weapons

  • Shotgun (Initial) Standard shotgun. Good for long range when people can easily dodge rockets. It does minimal damage.
  • Buff Banner (Unlock) A secondary weapon that buffs teammate's damage to always be minicrits for ten seconds.
  • Gunboats (Drop) A passive secondary weapon that decreases the amount of damage a soldier takes from his own rocket jumps.
  • Battalion's Backup (Purchase, Drop, Craft - Polycount) It functions exactly like the Buff Banner but instead of a mini-crit reward to nearby teammates, it grants a 35% chance to block incoming enemy fire.

[edit] Melee Weapons

  • Shovel This is the Soldier's melee weapon. It does the most damage out of all the melee weapons. It's firing rate is normal.
  • Equalizer (Unlock) The soldier's unlockable melee weapon that deals damage inversely to the players health.
  • Pain Train (Drop, Craft) A club with a nail through it that grants the user increased capture force.
  • Frying Pan (Left 4 Dead 2 Promotion) A special melee weapon that was given to players who played Lead 4 Dead 2 or bought the game during the 66% sale on Steam. It's exactly like the Shovel only with a different model and different sound effects.


  • Grenade (Initial) The Soldier pulls a grenade off of his bandolier and pulls the pin to kill anyone or anything within a six foot radius, including himself.

[edit] Pyro

The Pyro is one of the classes that has been updated by Valve to include new weapons. It has the unique people to light everything in it's path of fire. It's usually used to sneak up on teams and cause destruction and confusion by lighting everything on fire. Enemies on fire take damage over time until the fire goes out. It has very little effectiveness at range attacking.

HP: 175

[edit] Primary Weapons

  • Flamerthrower (Initial) Burns enemies, lighting them on fire causing damage over time. Does high amounts of damage over short periods of time. It has the ability to release compressed air reflecting rockets and grenades.
  • Backburner (Unlockable) The Backburner gives the pyro an extra 15% damage, but removes the ability to use compressed air. It is a guaranteed critical when using this weapon on the back hitbox of an enemy.
  • Degreaser (Purchase, Craft, Drop - Polycount) It works very well like the regular Flamethrower, it has the Compression Blast, however, it is less stronger but, you can switch weapons much faster (about 0.2 seconds).

[edit] Secondary Weapons

  • Shotgun (Initial) One of the only forms of long range attacking pyro's have available. Does minimal damage but is very accurate at all ranges. Mainly used for finishing enemies off after they have been lit on fire.
  • Flare Gun (Unlockable) Shoots a fireball that lights enemies on fire, but requires percision aiming, and is very slow to reload.

[edit] Melee Weapons

  • Fire Axe (Initial) Does normal damage and has a normal firing rate.
  • Axtinguisher (Unlockable) Melee weapon. Does half the damage of a normal axe but when it hits an enemy that's burning it is a guaranteed critical.
  • Homewrecker (Drop, Crafting) Melee weapon. Does 25% less damage of the normal axe but when it hits an enemy building or sapper it does double the damage of the normal axe.
  • Powerjack (Purchase, Craft, Drop) It is the strongest melee weapon in the Pyro's melee weapons list. It does +25% more damage than the fire axe and every time you kill someone with the Powerjack, you will recover/overheal 75 health.


  • Hadouken While using the Shotgun or Flare Gun the pyro releases a blast of fire from his palms in Street Fighter fashion to kill an enemy.

[edit] Defensive Classes

[edit] Demoman

The Demoman is mostly used for taking out an Engineer's building if it's impossible for a Spy alone to do. Don't mistake the Demoman as a Defensive class, he can be used for many other things other than defense. He can leave traps on the field of battle, Intelligence, or slow down incoming enemies. You can sticky jump which is like rocket jumping only you receive more damage from falling and the explosion from the sticky bombs.

HP: 175, 150 with Eyelander or Headtaker equipped, 75 with Sticky Jumper equipped.

[edit] Primary Weapons

  • Grenade Launcher (Initial) The Demoman's only primary weapon, all the grenades travel in a arch when it is launched, much like the Medic's Syringe Gun. Once the grenades hit ground, they do not explode instantly unless it hits an enemy player. They can also roll around on the floor so you might have a possible chance you might hit an unlucky player or miss entirely.

[edit] Secondary Weapons

  • Sticky Bomb Launcher (Initial) They travel in an arch like the Grenade Launcher, Sticky Bombs can be used to plant traps, but they cannot automatically explode when an enemy player walks over it, they can only activate when you click the right side of your mouse. Sticky bombs stick to any surface except Respawn doors and buildings. You can only have 8 out at a time, if you have anymore out one will explode, you can use this as a strategy.
  • Chargin' Targe (Unlock) It is a passive secondary weapon, it may look unremarkable but it shields you from fire damage (50% resistance) and explosion damage (40% resistance). The shield has an alternate fire as well, it will make you charge forward extremely fast (faster than a Scout), and if you notice the Charge Bar, it cannot be fully reloaded when you go to a Respawn Closet. When charging, your attacks will be charged as well to a mini-crit then a critical hit. You can as well kill enemies with your shield when it is in the red zone (Critical Hit Zone).
  • Scottish Resistance (Unlock) It carries much more sticky bombs than the Sticky Bomb Launcher, and you can have 14 out at the same time, but, they can be only activated if your crossfire is near any sticky bombs and there is a delay before they explode.
  • Sticky Jumper (Purchase only) It holds much more ammo than either Sticky bomb Launcher, it does no damage at all due to the fact it is only used for Sticky Jumping practice. It does give a 100 Health restriction, much like the Rocket Jumper.

[edit] Melee Weapons

  • Bottle (Initial) The bottle has the shortest range compared to the Demoman's other melee weapons and is not very used by many players, if the bottle hits enough objects, the model will change to a broken bottle, but the taunt still shows the Demoman drinking from the bottle and seems to sound like there is still liquid in the broken bottle.
  • Eyelander (Unlock) One of the longest ranged weapons of the Demoman's melee weapons list. It gives the user a 25 Health restriction. There will also be a board listing how many heads you have (or how many players you have killed with the Eyelander). The more heads you receive, the faster you move and the more additional max health you receive. Many players use this to be a "Demo Knight".
  • Pain Train A club with a nail through it that grants the user increased capture force.
  • Scotsman's Skullcutter It is similar to the Eyelander, only you do not receive any head bonuses, or a health restriction, instead you receive a Max Damage bonus and a speed restriction.
  • Frying Pan (Left 4 Dead 2 Promotion) A special melee weapon that was given to players who played Lead 4 Dead 2 or bought the game during the 66% sale on Steam. It's exactly like the Shovel only with a different model and different sound effects.


  • Eyelander (Taunt) The Demoman holds the sword with one hand, spins it then does a quick slice and cleans the sword with his fingers. It causes a decapitation and adds one to your head count.

[edit] Heavy

The Heavy is the only character to have a high health. It's also him who is carrying a very high-fire rate weapon, the minigun. He's also described as the medic's best friend. But the Heavy is also the slowest class, meaning that he's the one needing the most to take teleporter if he wants to be quickly on the theater of action.

HP: 300

[edit] Primary Weapons

  • Minigun Very high-rate of fire, the minigun, when providing critical hits, is a deadly weapon. But it's also consuming quickly ammo. When using the minigun, it needs some seconds before firing and the Heavy is going slower than usual. The weapon is also known under the name of Sasha.
  • Natascha (Unlockable) Natasha is the second minigun. Despite being without possibility to do critical hits and doing less damage than Sasha, that weapon can slow down enemies, meaning that they're staying longer in the line of fire. It can be useful against Scouts.

[edit] Secondary Weapons

  • Shotgun Standard shotgun. It's useful for an Heavy who is forced to take another weapon when the minigun is empty. But it's also doing little damage.
  • Sandvich (Unlockable) Sandvich (or Sandwich, according to different manners to spell it) isn't a real weapon. In reality, it's an healing unlockable, when you don't have a medic or a medipack under your hand. It can heal pretty quickly if you're hiding well. The sandwich is also the only weapon to have the same move whether you're clicking on the taunt key (G), on the left or right button of your mouse: you're eating sandwich.
  • Dalokohs Bar (Drop, Craft) Not many players use this item due to the fact that it only recovers 60 HP and increases your max health to 350 for 30 seconds. But some players use it in case they do not have a Medic handy with them.

[edit] Melee Weapons

  • Fists The Heavy is the only class that doesn't have an object as weapon. Indeed, he's fighting with his fists, like a boxer. The damage is consequent, he can kill in one or two hits standard classes.
  • Killing Gloves of Boxing (Unlockable) Melee weapon. The complete name is the Killing Boxing Gloves. It's still about punching people but when you're killing someone with it, you're given five seconds of crits, for an instant kill.
  • Gloves of Running Urgently (Unlockable) A melee weapon that is similar to the KGB. Instead of a 5 second crit reward after each kill. The gloves drain your health by 6 every second, and the attack is half the attack of the Fists. This is best

used if you have a Medic handy for faster travel. And to get to areas that you cannot get to originally by timing the flinching from the health drain for a higher jump.

[edit] Engineer

The Engineer is an unique class with the ability to build, repair and upgrade buildings. Due to this the Engineer is better at a defensing and supportive role, with the ability to build sentry guns to protect objectives or constructing dispensers to give health and ammo to his teammates and metal to himself and other Engineers. It can also build teleporters (both an entrance and an exit) to help his fellow team members to reach the front lines faster, a great help for the slow Heavy and the important Medic. Both of the Engineer's wrenches and the Gunslinger can upgrade all buildings, except the Mini-Sentry, to level 3 which is done with Metal, an unique mechanic for the Engineer. Essentially, Metal allows the Engineer to build, upgrade and repair his buildings and can be received from various sources (Ammo packs, fallen weapons, building's scrap and resupply cabinet). The Engineer can carry to a total of 200 Metal. The Enginner is also the Spy's main target, along with Snipers, so a player must always watch out for suspicious teammates and spy-check often in order to keep his buildings safe from the Spy's sappers.

HP: 125, 150 with the Gunslinger equipped.

[edit] Primary Weapons

  • Shotgun (Initial) Standard Shotgun, shared with the Heavy, Pyro and Soldier this is the Engineer's main weapon. It's mostly used as a self-defense weapon for when the player hasn't built a sentry or it got taken down.
  • Frontier Justice (Unlockable) The Frontier Justice sacrifices half the magazine of the normal shotgun (Loads 3 shots instead of 6) and the ability to randomly deal critical hits to gain revenge critical hits. This is done with a sentry gun, gaining 2 critical hits for each racked up kill and 1 critical hit for each assist. However, the Frontier Justice only gains the revenge critical hits when the sentry gun gets destroyed, either by enemy fire or by the Engineer himself.

[edit] Secondary Weapon

  • Pistol (Initial) The same Pistol used by the Scout, the only difference being that the Engineer's Pistol can perform much more reloads than the Scout's for balance reasons. The Pistol is the Enginner's mid-range weapon, even though it's not extremely accurate. It can also be used to finish of enemies wounded by the sentry.
  • Lugermorph (Sam & Max Purchase) A reskin of the pistol with the exact same stats. Only obtained by the purchase of Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse within the first week of its release
  • The Wrangler (Unlockable) The Wrangler replaces the Pistol in the second slot and is used to take manual control of the sentry. While the sentry remains stationary the Engineer can now select as specific target and attack it with his sentry, as long as there are no obstacles on the way. A wrangled sentry won't select target on its own but it will, however, gain a shield that absorbs 66% of all incoming attacks. The Wrangler also doubles the fire rating of the sentries, all this at the cost of having the sentry inactive for 3 seconds when putting away the Wrangler or when getting killed.

[edit] Melee Weapons

  • Wrench (Initial) The Engineer's melee weapon and the responsible for upgrading and repairing buildings. The Engineer's Wrench and the Homewrecker used by the Pyro are the only weapons able to remove sappers from friendly buildings, the Wrench requiring two hits to fully remove one. A whack from the Wrench to an undamaged building that is not fully upgraded and that has full ammo (in case of the sentry) will result in the usage of 25 Metal for the building's upgrade, taking all 200 Metal to upgrade a building for one level. During build up stage the Engineer can also hit the building with the Wrench and the building will build faster.
  • The Gunslinger (Unlockable) The Gunslinger is a robot arm that replaces the Wrench. It is believed that the Engineer sawed his own arm off to replace it with this weapon, as hinted by Valve during the update. The Gunslinger adds 25 extra health to the Engineer but can only build Mini-Sentries and not normal sentries, which can't be upgraded or repaired. They, however, have a faster building rate and deploy with full health. The Engineer can remove sappers from the mini-sentry but the damage done by it will remain. The Gunslinger can't deal random critical hits but during a combo punch the third one will always deal critical damage.
  • The Southern Hospitality (Drop, craft) This wrench replacement was made by a community member that submitted it originally to the Contribute! page. Valve took a liking to the Wrench and included it in the Engineer Update with permission from the author. This wrench uses the bleed mechanic and sacrifices random critical hits. It also makes the user more vulnerable to fire damage so players must be cautious with enemy Pyros while using The Southern Hospitality.
  • Golden Wrench (Limited Craft Item) This wrench was to be made by 100 random players, when someone has crafted one, all the servers on Team Fortress 2 will receive an announcement declaring that a Golden Wrench has been crafted. When a Golden Wrench is destroyed, a similar announcement will be given declaring the Wrench's destruction. Due to the Golden Charity event to donate money to the Child's Play charity, only 92 wrenches exist. The kill icon is different and when a player is killed by the wrench, they turn into solid gold (or Australium).

[edit] Misc

  • Build Tool (Initial) Allows the Engineer to build buildings.
  • Destroy Tool (Initial) Allows the Engineer to destroy his buildings.

[edit] Support Classes

[edit] Medic

The Medic was the first class to be updated when the Goldrush update was released in 2008. It's the only one that can heal himself naturally and the only one that can heal teammates quickly. The Medic can provide a few seconds of invulnerabily with his uber, very handy when it comes to destroy sentries. Also, the second medigun, the Kritzkrieg Gun, can provide critical hits. He's the one you need to protect the most on Arena Mode, as he's not reappearing once he's dead. The Medic can fight but his damage rate is very low compared to the other classes. He can also provide overheal, making the health of the one healed going ahead the normal limit.

HP: 150, 140 with Vita-saw equipped

[edit] Primary Weapons

  • Syringe Gun (Initial) The Syringe Gun is a fast weapon, as you're sending a lot of syringes in a row. Unfortunately, for a good use, you have to master their gravity. Indeed, they're doing an bow of circle, so, you can miss your target because of low aim.
  • Blutsauger (Unlockable) This is the second syringe gun for the medic. It recovers your health by 3 for each hit. You cannot extinguish after burns, Jarate stains, or Mad Milk stains by using the Blutsauger. However the regular auto recover is decreased by 2.

[edit] Secondary Weapons

  • Medigun (Initial) Standard healing gun. While doing no damage, the Medigun is your healing weapon and your main tool during the game. It's fast to charge if you heal badly wounded teammates. The more they wounder, the faster you'll hit the 100% for an ubercharge. You'll be invulnerable for 10 seconds and will still heal your patient. But you still can be pushed back by level 2+ Sentry Guns, Nataschas, Sticky Bombs, Missiles from rocket launchers, and Force-a-Natures.
  • Kritzkrieg (Unlockable) That second medigun, it heals 25% faster than your standard healing gun. It also gives you 8 seconds of critical hits instead of invulnerability. But because of that difference, you can be killed during the charge. This medic gun is best used when next to players with an uber charge or used to easily kill off many players trying to advance to your base or defending a Control Point or Payload.

[edit] Melee Weapons

  • Bonesaw (Initial) The medic's default melee weapon, it does not have any bonus effects, the range is short.
  • Ubersaw (Unlockable) Melee weapon. It's 20% slower than the Bonesaw but each hit is giving 25% of ubercharge in more. Useful for getting an uber faster than normally.
  • Vita-saw (Drop, Craft, Mann Co. Crate) The newest melee weapon for the medic. It saves 20% of your ubercharge if you had died (ie. If you had 100% of your ubercharge bar filled you will have 20% after death). However there is a health restriction, you will have -10 max health when this weapon is equipped.


  • Oktoberfest The Medic turns the Kritzkrieg's barrel to his face to breathe (or inhale deeply). He recovers 11 health and it can extinguish after burn making it a portable medkit. The taunt has been connected to inhalants.
  • Spinal Tap Much like the taunt that the Sniper uses with the huntsman, it will stun the player dealing 1 damage and then releases causing 500 damage, only slower. The stun effect can still be performed on ubered players and Bonk! affected Scouts.

[edit] Sniper

The Sniper is known to be to have the longest ranged weapon to leave large amount of damage to the enemy. They are the first class to end up lethal damage (or instant kill) to enemies by headshots. However when they are sniping, they are vulnerable by everything: Spies, Scouts, etc.

HP: 125, 150 with Danger Darwin Shield equipped

[edit] Primary Weapons

  • Sniper Rifle (Initial) The Sniper's default primary weapon, just like any sniper rifle, you can use the scope to aim much more effectively from longer distances. It is also the very first weapon to land headshots in the game. Unlike other weapons in the game, this has a charge meter to strengthen the weapon's attack. At 0% of the charge it will only do a very small amount of damage, however at 100% it will leave lethal damage. Headshots are much more stronger because they are 100% critical hits when a headshot has successfully been executed. A 100% charged headshot can kill any class no matter if they are overhealed or not (especially overhealed Heavies).
  • Huntsman (Unlock) The second weapon to be able to headshot players. It is weaker than the sniper rifle and it cannot scope, it carries less ammo, and the charge meter is placed under the ammo box. The charge meter can increase by holding on the fire button (left mouse). If the fire button has been held for over 5 seconds the arrow will go off course and end up missing completely or end up hitting a different player. To prevent this happening, awhile holding on the fire button, use the alternate fire button (right mouse).
    If a player has been killed by the huntsman's arrows, leaving their ragdoll pinned to the nearest wall. You cannot fire any arrows awhile underwater. The arrows can destroy rockets when they are collided together. If a friendly Pyro uses his flamethrower on you, your arrow will be on fire to land extra fire damage with your arrow.
  • Sydney Sleeper (Polycount - Purchase, Craft, Drop) The only Sniper primary weapon that cannot do headshots. However you can still scope and it is the strongest sniper rifle the Sniper has. Awhile in scope mode, you will notice that the target symbol next to the charge meter has been replaced by a jar of Jarate. If the charge meter goes over 25% the player you have hit will have the Jarate effect on them for 8 seconds, giving your team the advantage to kill off the other team's players faster.

[edit] Secondary Weapons

  • Submachine Gun (Initial) The default secondary weapon for the Sniper. It deals the lowest amount of damage, but it has a high fire rate (10 bullets per second). It is mostly used to kill off weakened players.
  • Jarate (Unlock) The Jar based Karate*. It can extinguish fires from your team mates, force enemy Spies to be slightly visible again from being invisible, and allow mini-crits if Jarate has come in contact with enemy players. It can be washed off by submerging into water or using a Resupply Closet.
    (* Jarate is not affiliated with or an alternative to Karate).
  • Razorback (Unlock) A passive equip for the Sniper, it is the most useful defensive equip for the Sniper for it protects you from one backstab, however, Spies can still kill you in other ways such as knifing you to death, shooting you with the revolver, or land a headshot with the Ambassador.
  • Danger Darwin Shield (Polycount - Purchase, Craft, Drop) Similar to the Razorback, however it cannot protect you from backstabs, instead it grants you 20 more health making you somewhat more lasting in the battlefield.

[edit] Melee Weapons

  • Kukri (Initial) The Sniper's default weapon. It is used best if you are in those moments when you are on head to head combat with a player considering no-scoping or quick-scoping will do no good to Scouts. SMGs can do some damage, but you will be dead before you even leave mild damage on him.
  • Tribalman's Shiv (Unlock) This special kukri is extremely weak in physical damage, however it will leave bleeding damage which will drain the enemies health by 3 - 4 for 6 seconds, they can stack, making killing easier. The bleeding effect can still be seen even though you are cloaked. And can mess up Scouts because they will be looking for a near by MedKit or Pills.
  • Bushwacka (Polycount - Purchase, Craft, Drop) One of the favorite melee weapons for Sniper, it will replace any mini-crit damage with full critical hits and give you a 20% special defense from fire damage. Making this weapon a great combo with Jarate.


  • Skewer Much like the Medic's Spinal Tap, it will execute faster. It can be used by equipped the Huntsman. It also has a extreme large hit box, so even though you think you've missed, you might end up successfully executing it.

[edit] Spy

[edit] System Requirements

Taken from Steam.

Minimum: 1.7 GHz Processor, 512MB RAM, DirectX® 8 level Graphics Card, Windows® Vista/XP/2000, Mouse, Keyboard, Internet Connection

Recommended: Pentium 4 processor (3.0GHz, or better), 1GB RAM, DirectX® 9 level Graphics Card, Windows® Vista/XP/2000, Mouse, Keyboard, Internet Connection

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