Scatter Gun

Scatter Gun
Scatter Gun.png Scatter Gun Kill.png
Used by:Scout
Max Ammo:38
Loaded Ammo6
Damage:Pellet Count: 10/Shot

Base: 6 per pellet

Max Ramp Up: 175% (10.5 damage/pellet)

Max Fall Off: 50% (3 damage/pellet)

Point Blank: 85-105

Medium Range: 10-40

Long Range: 3-10

Mini-Crit: 8 per pellet

Critical Hit: 18 per pellet
Attack Interval:0.64
Reload Base:0.76
Additional Reload:0.56

The Scatter Gun is a Level 1 Scattergun that the Scout class starts with as its primary weapon. It is a double-barreled sawed-off lever action shotgun with a wide spread of pellets. At point blank range it can take out most of the classes with two shots but is mediocre at medium range and just above useless at long ranges. It will always fire a single pellet to the center of the crosshair with its first shell.

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