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Used by:Scout
Max Ammo:Infinite
Damage:Base: 35 (32 to 39 damage)

Mini-Crit: 47

Critical Hit: 105

Baseball All Ranges: 15

Baseball Mini-Crit: 20

Baseball Critical Hit: 45
Attack Interval:0.5s
Baseball Attack Interval:0.25s
Baseball Cooldown:15s

The Sandman is a Level 15 Bat that is unlockable after sixteen of the Scout achievements have been completed. This bat is very similar to the regular Baseball Bat but it has an alternate fire which allows the player to launch a baseball projectile that stuns an enemy on contact and forces them into their Humiliation stance. In this stance the enemy will move at 50% of their top speed and may only use taunts, no weapons. The farther the ball flies before hitting the enemy, the longer the victim will be stunned, ranging from 1 – 8 seconds. If they are hit with a baseball from extreme range, the victim will suffer a moonshot and will be completely immobile for the maximum stun duration. On the downside, Scouts carrying the Sandman have a 15 max health points disadvantage, leaving a maximum of only 110 health points rather than 125 (Previously, the disadvantage was inability to Double Jump). The Sandman is able to collect baseballs launched by opposing Scouts, you can also hit them back in mid air which requires good timing.

The Scout is equipped with only one baseball, which will reload after a 15-second interval. Baseballs can be picked up off the ground (whether your own ball, or another Scout's) or by visiting a Resupply Cabinet. Balls are not classed as ammunition and thus cannot retrieved by picking up dropped weapons or Ammo packs. A baseball that does not hit an enemy will remain on the ground and disappear after 15 seconds, effectively the time it takes the Scout to gain a new one. After stunning an enemy, it will disappear much quicker (after about three seconds), but can still be picked up and used again if grabbed quickly.

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