Rocket Launcher

Rocket Launcher
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Used by:Soldier
Max Ammo:24 (36 on console versions)
Loaded Ammo:4
Damage:Base: 90

Max Ramp Up: 125% (112 damage)

Max Fall Off: 53% (48 damage)

Splash Radius: 9 feet (144 Hammer Units) Point Blank: 105-112

Medium Range: 50-90

Long Range: 45-60

Mini-Crit: 122

Critical Hit: 270

Rocket Jump Damage to Self: 27-46

Splash Damage to Self: 27-89
Attack Interval:0.8s
Reload Interval:0.8s
Additional Reload Interval:0.92s

The Rocket Launcher is a Level 1 Rocket Launcher that is initially available to the Soldier class. The weapon can be used in a multitude of ways including direct damage, splash damage, rocket jumping, and juggling enemies.

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