Portal 2

Portal 2
Release date(s)April 19, 2011
Genre(s)First-Person Puzzle
Mode(s)Singleplayer and multiplayer
Available onMicrosoft Windows, Mac OS X, PS3, XBOX360
RatingPEGI: 12
ESRB: Everyone 10+

Portal 2 is the sequel to the popular game, Portal. It was confirmed for PC, Mac, and Xbox 360 in the April GI article for it. It occurs after Portal. The main character is still Chell, and the antagonist GLaDOS, along with more Personality Cores as side characters, most notably Wheatley, who acts as a guide. The Enrichment Center is in ruins because of the explosion. Still, GLaDOS reluctantly allows Chell to go behind-the-scenes to continue Chell's testing.

[edit] Updates

The game has received major free updates that have added new features and levels to the game. The larges updates have been the Portal 2: Peer Review update, which added new multiplayer maps to the game, and the Perpetual Testing Initiative update, that added a level-editor and level-sharing capabilities to the game.

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