Portal frontcover.jpgPortal Artwork
Publisher(s)Electronic Arts
Release date(s)October 7th, 2007
Genre(s)First-Person Puzzle
Mode(s)Single Player
Available onPC, PS3, XBOX360
RatingESRB: Teen

Portal was released as a new game included in The Orange Box. It is a first person puzzle game based in the Half-Life universe. The game runs on the Source Engine, which was introduced with Half-Life 2. You play as Chell, waking up in the Aperture Science testing facilities with no idea of who or where you are. You must make your way through multi levels of puzzles called Test Chambers using nothing more than your wits and a Portal Gun. With your Portal Gun you may shoot a orange portal, and a blue portal. When you walk through one portal, you appear out of the other one. You will use this mechanism to go through various levels, learning, getting lied to about cake, throwing boxes, getting shot by lasers...


[edit] Interesting Notes about Portal

Although the game is set in the Half-Life universe, it has nothing to do with Black Mesa, Gordon Freeman, and Half-Life directly. In spite of this, alot of in-game elements are shared between Portal and Half-Life, including sound effects and many game mechanics including the effects as you are hurt by turrets and also death itself. One almost expects to pick up a crowbar in a few areas where there are padlocked fences.

Fans of Half-Life will also note that there is some allusion of the Half-Life events outside of the Aperture Science facilities as GLaDOS makes references to things being worse on the outside and also a mention of everyone being dead (presumably referring to people outside of those who perished at GLaDOS' hands).

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