Pistol TF.png Pistol TF Kill.png
Used by:Engineer, Scout
Max Ammo:48 (Scout) 212(Engineer)
Loaded Ammo:12
Damage:Base: 15

Max Ramp Up: 150% (22Damage) Max Fall Off: 50% (8Damage) Point Blank: 20-22 Medium Range: 10-15 Long Range: 8-9 Mini-Crit: 20

Critical Hit: 45
Attack Interval:0.17s
Reload Interval:1.36s (Engineer) 1.25s (Scout)
Spread Recovery:1.25s

The pistol is the secondary weapon of Scouts and Engineers with an extremely fast reload rate which allows players to inflict a lot of damage in a little time.

[edit] Strategy

Before getting close to enemy players it is always good to try for a few Critical Hits from a distance while you speed up to take them down with a follow up shot or two from the primary weapon (scatter/shot gun).

If/when you run out of ammo for your Scatter/Shot Gun, it is a good idea to use the pistol to finish off enemies or as a semi of sorts to do quick runs with.

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