Mega Gravity Gun

Mega Gravity Gun
Half-Life 2 Mega Gravity Gun
Used ByGordon Freeman, Wallace Breen
Max Ammon/a
Magazine Sizen/a

You are able to get the Mega Gravity Gun Half-Life 2 and Half-Life 2: Episode One while in the Citadel. You walk through a security room that is suppose to destroy all of your weapons. When it starts to destroy the Gravity Gun, it actually super charges it, making it the Mega Gravity Gun. With your new weapon, you can punt NPC's, pick up dead bodies, and pick up heavier objects.

But, all good things must come to an end. When you leave the Citadel, the Mega Gravity Gun looses its charge and becomes the Gravity Gun.

Half Life
.357 Magnum, AR2 Pulse Rifle, Crossbow, Crowbar, Gravity Gun, Mega Gravity Gun, Pistol, RPG, SMG, Shotgun, Tau Cannon, .357 Revolver,
Portal Gun, Turret, Rocket Turret
Team Fortress
Scattergun, Pistol, Bat, Rocket Launcher, Shotgun, Shovel, Flamethrower, Backburner. Flare Gun, Fire Axe, Axtinguisher, Grenade Launcher, Stickybomb Launcher, Bottle, Minigun, Natascha, Sandvich, Fists, K.G.B, Wrench, Syringe Gun, Blutsauger, Medigun, Kritzkrieg, Bonesaw, Übersaw, Sniper Rifle, Submachine Gun, Kukri, Revolver, Electro Sapper, Knife

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