Hadouken.png Hadouken Kill.png
Used by:Pyro
Slot:Secondary (Taunt)
Availability:Initial, Unlockable
Max Ammo:Infinite
Attack Interval:3.0s

The Hadouken is a ball of flame that is shot by the Pyro from his hands in a style resembling the 'Hadoken' move from Street Fighter. It is tied for the fastest taunt along with the Heavy Showdown. It can be performed with the Shotgun TF or the unlockable Flare Gun. The Hadouken will instantly kill any enemies or enemy buildings unlucky or unknowingly within range.

To unlock the 'OMGWTFBBQ' achievement it is necessary to kill one enemy with this taunt.

During Humiliation the losing team may still perform the Hadouken to kill the winning team members.

Half Life
.357 Magnum, AR2 Pulse Rifle, Crossbow, Crowbar, Gravity Gun, Mega Gravity Gun, Pistol, RPG, SMG, Shotgun, Tau Cannon, .357 Revolver,
Portal Gun, Turret, Rocket Turret
Team Fortress
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