Gravity gun

Gravity Gun
Half-Life 2 Gravity Gun
Used ByGordon Freeman, Alyx Vance, Wallace Breen
Max Ammon/a
Magazine Sizen/a

The Gravity Gun (or Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator) is by far the most famous weapon in Gordon's arsenal, and one of the most inventive weapons ever created. Using futuristic technology, the gravity gun creates its own gravity field around an object, and can then drop, lift, or hurl the heavy object for long distances.

The Gravity Gun is given to Gordon by Alyx Vance after in the level Black Mesa East, and from there Gordon keeps it for the rest of the game. Before being given to Gordon, the Gravity Gun was used for heavy lifting around the Black Mesa East site.

Valve created a multi-part weapon in the Gravity Gun. Not only is it a weapon used to hurl objects at foes, but it is also used to solve certain puzzles, such as placing a cinder block into a high-speed industrial fan to stop the blades from spinning, or creating a makeshift bridge made from household objects used to cross the dangerous sands populated by Antlions. It is also very useful for taking out small threats, such as headcrabs. When fired directly at a headcrab, it will shoot out a bolt of energy that blasts the headcrab backwards. After three blasts, the headcrab will die.

Half Life
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