Gordon Freeman

Gordon Freeman
300px-Gordon Freeman.jpg
AffiliationBlack Mesa Research Facility, The Resistance
HometownSeattle, WA., US
Date of BirthEst. 1973-1982
EquipmentHEV Suit
RankTheoretical Physicist

Dr. Gordon Freeman is the main character in the Half-Life Series. He is universally recognized with his well known short trimmed partial beard, crew cut dark hair, and thick rimmed glasses and is best known for being in the survival suit that he dons throughout the Half Life series. He is also one of the only game heroes recognizable solely by virtue of association with a crowbar.

Gordon is an unwitting pawn and unlikely hero in the events that revolve around Black Mesa. He is a Black Mesa scientist and one of the only survivors of the original disaster at the start of Half-Life 1. Like many other games, Gordon is a hero based on the theme of "a regular joe" being in a position to do something about what is happening around him. He is not the archetype action hero with military training and crackshot aim with a gun.

Half Life
Gordon Freeman, Alyx Vance, Barney Calhoun, Eli Vance, Dog, Wallace Breen, Combine, Isaac Kleiner, Judith Mossman, G-Man, Father Grigori, Combine Zombie, Stalker, Resistance, Turret
Chell, GLaDOS, Weighted Companion Cube, Turret
Team Fortress
Heavy, Pyro, Scout, Medic, Engineer, Sniper, Spy, Demoman, Soldier

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