GLaDOS, Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System. This piece of technology is your main nemesis in the Portal game. It took over the Aperture Science laboratories as its own playground for the test subjects, such as Chell. Throughout the game, it talks to you, giving you advice, helping you out, tricking you, and discouraging you often. At the end of the game, you end up destroying the menace.

One of the key characteristics of GlaDOS is her robotic female voice which often lies, bends the truth or says many ironic things. The dialogue from GLaDOS is an important part of the dark humor and atmosphere of Portal.

[edit] Discription

GLaDOS already stands, or rather 'hangs', as a large menacing A.I., in the middle of her chamber. She is complete with multiple Cores that are specifically made to form the personality of GLaDOS.

[edit] Quotes

"What are you doing? You have not escaped you know. You are not even going the right way..." <pauses> "Hello? Is anyone there?"

A screenshot of GLaDOS in her chamber

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