Force-A-Nature.png Scatter Gun Kill.png
Used by:Scout
Max Ammo:34
Loaded Ammo:2
Damage:Pellet Count: 12

Base: 5.4 per pellet

Max Ramp Up: 175% (9.45damage/pellet)

Max Fall Off: 50% (2.7damage/pellet)

Point Blank: ~92-113

Medium Range: ~11-43

Long Range: ~3-11

Mini-Crit: 7.29 per pellet

Critical Hit: 16.2 per pellet
Attack Interval:0.4267s
Reload Interval:1.64

The Force-a-Nature, a.k.a FaN, is the unlockable Level 10 Scattergun for the Scout class that can be gained after completing eleven Scout achievements. The FaN has an even shorter barrel than the Scatter Gun which causes it to have a wider spread of pellets, hold 60% less shells, +50% fire rate, increase each shells pellet count +20%, and add more recoil. The raw power of the FaN will blow back an opponent within point blank range and the Scout that fired it. It can be used as a "third jump" if pointed at the ground and fired at the top of the scout's double jump. The increased

Half Life
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Portal Gun, Turret, Rocket Turret
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