Flare Gun

Flare Gun
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Used by:Pyro
Max Ammo:16
Loaded Ammo:1
Damage:Base: 30

Max Ramp Up: 100% (30 Damage)

Max Fall Off: 100% (30 Damage)

All Ranges: 30

Burn: 3 Damage/0.5s for 10s

Burn Minicrit: 4 Damage

Minicrit: 41

Critical Hit: 90
Attack Interval:2.02s

The Flare Gun is a Level 10 secondary weapon that replaces the shotgun after obtaining ten Pyro achievements. Although it does not deal any initial damage the burning effect can cause havoc among the usual Sniper or Engineer that is trying to stay far away. This does require careful aiming as the trajectory drops off after a short straight flight of the projectile and will disintegrate after it comes in contact with any surface.

A hit with the Flare Gun on an already burning enemy will result in a minicrit, and at larger than 800 units of distance it will result in a full critical hit.

The Flare Gun cannot be fired while underwater but if it is fired into water it may still light an enemy on fire.

Taunting with the Flare Gun will activate a special taunt attack, Hadouken.

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