Used by:Scout
Availability:Drop, Crafting
Max Ammo:Infinite
Loaded Ammo:1
Drinking Time:1.2s
Buff Period:6s
Cooldown Time:24s

The Crit-a-Cola is a Level 5 Lunch Box that can be obtained from drops or by combining the Kritzkrieg and Bonk! Atomic Punch. During its buff period it will turn every shot from the Scout into a mini-crit and any damage taken by the scout into a mini-crit.

Half Life
.357 Magnum, AR2 Pulse Rifle, Crossbow, Crowbar, Gravity Gun, Mega Gravity Gun, Pistol, RPG, SMG, Shotgun, Tau Cannon, .357 Revolver,
Portal Gun, Turret, Rocket Turret
Team Fortress
Scattergun, Pistol, Bat, Rocket Launcher, Shotgun, Shovel, Flamethrower, Backburner. Flare Gun, Fire Axe, Axtinguisher, Grenade Launcher, Stickybomb Launcher, Bottle, Minigun, Natascha, Sandvich, Fists, K.G.B, Wrench, Syringe Gun, Blutsauger, Medigun, Kritzkrieg, Bonesaw, Übersaw, Sniper Rifle, Submachine Gun, Kukri, Revolver, Electro Sapper, Knife
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