Codename: Gordon

[edit] Summary

Codename Gordon is a side-scrolling game developed by Nuclear Vision, mainly by Paul "X-Tender" Kamma and Soenke "Warbeast" Seidel, and released on Valve's online distribution platform Steam in 2004. In this flash game, you're controlling Gordon in a 2D-world with your keyboard. For aiming, the mouse is used.

The plot is an alternative to Half-Life 2, inspired by its adverstising. It seems that a dimension is missing and that scientists are trying to solve the problem according to a wounded Barney, met in the beginning of the game.

You will have to fight the Combines but also Headcrabs and Zombies. Even gunships will attack you in an epic run with the rebel buggy. Alyx, Kleiner, Eli and G-Man are also present.

[edit] Detailed Plot

Gordon Freeman is waking up in a dock area where he's surrounded by Zombies and Headcrabs. After making his way, he finds a wounded Barney Calhoun, who explains that a dimension is missing and that a scientist team is trying to solve it. As he can't leave the place, he gives to Gordon his pistol.

During the second chapter, Gordon is making contact with Eli Vance and Alyx Vance. Both father and daughter offer their car in order to reach City 17. But Gordon has to find Dr. Kleiner first for gaining the Gravity Gun. Soon after, he find the scientist, worried about the disappearance of the third dimension.

Leaving his friends behind, Gordon is trying to reach City 17 with the rebel buggy but unfortunately, he's pursued by a Combine Gunship. After escaping it, Gordon has to break through a heavily Combine guarded prison.

Finally, he's reaching City 17, meeting G-Man awaiting him but claiming to be innocence in this case. Then, Gordon finds the source of the problem: a strider. Defeating it creates a portal, which Gordon steps into. He's sent back to the third dimension.

[edit] Installation in Steam

The game can be installed in steam, by goint to the following address in your webbrowser


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