Date of BirthUnknown
EquipmentPortal Gun, Leg Braces
RankTest Subject

Chell is the main character and test subject in Portal. Since Portal starts with no introduction, cutscenes, or explanation, and you wake up in a rehabilition cell with no backstory, you start the game knowing nothing about who you are, where you are, or what you are doing there. This is probably exactly how Chell herself would feel.

Little is known about Chell and her name is not even mentioned by GLaDOS in the game. Instead, anytime she needs to address Chell, instead of by name, GLaDOS will use "<Test Subject Name Here>" as if the greetings or messages were meant to be filled in with the test subject name and never were.

[edit] Appearance

Chell wears a red jumpsuit and appears to be barefeet. She has black hair bound in a ponytail. In the closing credits, developers thank an Alisia Glidewell for the use of her face in the Chell character.

[edit] Bloopers

Although Chell is barefoot, her footsteps make noises more consistent with booted feet. This is especially apparent in large surroundings where booted footsteps are heard echoing, or metal grating where you hear the distinct sound of hard soles on resonant metal.

It's also not clear how someone without boots can land after jumps from tall heights without serious pain and injury (although some of the puzzles require jumps from such altitude that no amount of footwear would protect you from death).

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