Baseball Bat

Baseball Bat
Baseball Bat.png Baseball Bat Kill.png
Used by:Scout
Max Ammo:Infinite
Damage:Base: 35 (32 to 39 damage)

Mini-Crit: 47

Critical Hit: 105
Attack Interval:0.5s

The Baseball Bat is a Level 1 Bat that the Scout begins with. The Baseball Bat is the weakest of the melee weapons, except for the equalizer at 200+ health, but it has the fastest attack interval of any melee weapon. Doing slightly less than half the Scattergun's damage at point blank range, the bat is normally used to finish an opponent when the Scattergun needs reloading or simply for additional humiliation. Its critical hit animation is a backhand swing from the left.

Half Life
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Portal Gun, Turret, Rocket Turret
Team Fortress
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