Barney Calhoun

Barney Calhoun
AffiliationBlack Mesa Research Facility, The Resistance
Date of BirthUnknown
EquipmentHalf-Life: Flashlight, Helmet, Kevlar Vest Half-Life 2: AR2, Civil Protection Equipment
RankLevel 3 Security Personnel, Resistance Leader, Former Civil Protection metro cop

Barney Calhoun is a security guard at Black Mesa. He is the main character of Half-Life: Blue Shift. In Half Life 2 Barney is working with the resistance.

Half Life
Gordon Freeman, Alyx Vance, Barney Calhoun, Eli Vance, Dog, Wallace Breen, Combine, Isaac Kleiner, Judith Mossman, G-Man, Father Grigori, Combine Zombie, Stalker, Resistance, Turret
Chell, GLaDOS, Weighted Companion Cube, Turret
Team Fortress
Heavy, Pyro, Scout, Medic, Engineer, Sniper, Spy, Demoman, Soldier

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