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Used by:Pyro
Max Ammo:200
Damage:0-200 units: 7.13/particle (160.4/s)

200-384 units: 7.13-4.28/particle (96.3/s)

Afterburn: 3/0.5s for 10s (60 Total)

Minicrit Burn damage: 4/0.5s for 10s (80 total)

MiniCrit: 1.35× base damage, rounded.

Critical: 3× base damage, rounded.
Attack Interval:0.04s
Ammo Consumption Interval:0.08s

The Backburner is a Level 10 Flamethrower that is unlockable after completing fifteen Pyro achievements, excluding 'Milestone 1'. The Backburner deals 15% more damage than the Flamethrower and also always deals a critical from behind the enemy, approximately a 90 angle from the center of their back, but it loses the ability to use the compression blast secondary fire.

After being released the Backburner added 50 health to the Pyro but this has been nerfed in subsequent updates.

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