Axtinguisher.png Axtinguisher Kill.png
Used by:Pyro
Max AmmoInfinite
DamageBase: 33 (23-43)

Mini-Crit: 45

Critical Hit: 195
Attack Interval:0.8s

The Axtinguisher is the last unlockable weapon for the Pyro class after 22 achievements have been completed. It is a level 10 Fire Axe that only deals half of the regular Fire Axe damage on players, but deals the full damage to buildings. While an enemy is burning the Axtinguisher will always deal a critical hit but when the enemy is not on fire it will never critical, even during Humiliation or while under the effects of Kritzkrieg. The weapon can perform the critical animation, along with the electricity sound effect, but will never do the damage of a critical unless the opponent is on fire.

The Axtinguisher is not designed for direct combat, where it is tied for the least damage of a melee weapon with the Equalizer at 200+ health, but rather for ambushes on enemies with large amounts of health like the Heavy class.

Although the Pyro class cannot be lit of fire, if an enemy Pyro is hit with a Flamethrower or Flare Gun it is possible to critical with the Axtinguisher within a second or two.

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