Talk:Half-Life 2

The original page here is... well, wrong in many areas!

Some of the information provided was basically either talking about the wrong game, or complete fabrication! For example, the combine soldiers featured throughout are reformed humans, not special forces. The combine are an alien race that enslave other races across dimensions and planets, like Striders, Gunships and Dropships. The Combine Soldiers/Overwatch and the Stalkers are the human slaves.

I'll do my best to rectify this to my understanding, which may constitute a full rewrite. If anyone has any objections (eg. The Xbox game is vastly different to the PC Version I've played), speak up or revert my edit. - FlippyX

I don't have any objections of course with correcting the information with more accurate info. I'm curious though, I've only played the PC version of HL and HL2, how does the Xbox version differ? We should put in a section which covers the differences between versions Redemption 17:52, 1 November 2008 (UTC)

I don't believe the Xbox version is at all different: what I was saying is, IF the Xbox version IS different, then somebody should say something to that effect on the page. That would be the only excuse for the gross inaccuracies that previously resided in this Wiki...

But, as I've said, I can't say for absolutely certain there is no difference as I've only played the PC version. I'll do some digging and find out for sure.

As is, I'm strapped for time and as such will have to finish my edit late tonight. Thanks for the quick response, though ^^ - FlippyX