Shotgun TF

Shotgun TF
Shotgun TF.png Shotgun TF Kill.png
Used by:Engineer, Heavy, Pyro, Soldier
Slot:Primary(Engineer), Secondary
Max Ammo:38
Ammo Loaded:6
Damage:Base: 6/pellet 512 Units Distance (60 Total)

Max Ramp Up: 150% (9 Damage/pellet)

Max Fall Off: 50% (3 Damage/pellet)

Pellet Count: 10

Point Blank: 80-90

Medium Range: 10-30

Long Range: 3-10

Mini-Crit: 8.1/pellet

Critical Hit: 18/pellet
Attack Interval:0.625s
Reload Base:1.0s
Additional Reload:0.5s

The Shotgun TF is a Level 1 Shotgun for the Engineer, Heavy, Pyro, and Soldier, but is only the primary weapon for the Engineer and secondary for all others.

Being the Engineer's most damaging weapon it is used mainly for close and mid range combat to defend a building built with the Build Tool.

The Heavy may use the Shotgun when he needs to take out an enemy without the time taken to rev up his Minigun or Natascha

The Pyro can use the Shotgun to hit enemies that may be out of reach of his Flamethrower or Backburner. He can also use the taunt attack Hadouken when holding the Shotgun

When low on health the Soldier may need to use a weapon that has now chance of damaging him with splash damage, like the Rocket Launcher or Direct Hit do.

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